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MKA - first ASDAN centre in Ghana

Work experience at the Biscuit Factory
Work experience at the Biscuit Factory
Keystage 4 and Post 16 students (with staff), studying CoPE
Keystage 4 and Post 16 students (with staff), studying CoPE

ASDAN qualifications and programmes are approved by DfE (Department for Education and Science UK) and Ofqual (Official Qualifications Council) for use in schools and are valued for the impact they have on student achievement.

ASDAN programmes and qualifications prove helpful to young people to achieve more in their other subjects – research findings indicate that students exceed expectations in GCSE subjects (e.g. English) when their curriculum is supported by qualifications such as the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE).

ASDAN  is committed to developing  approaches, resources, programmes and qualifications that support the learning journey and help make young people work-ready and life-ready.

"Teachers need the tools to motivate, engage and inspire all learners throughout the 14-19 education experience, to help them develop skills for employment and skills for life. Students need their personal development to be recognised and accredited, to build confidence and self-esteem. We firmly believe students are best served by activity-based learning, applying and practising skills, reinforced by guided reflection, rather than through introducing external assessment and grading for the purposes of headline performance measures. We know many students, teachers, parents and employers agree". ( 

MKA believes that this approach is in line with our mission to provide an enabling learning environment for every student.


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