The Community has grown out of the CP Action Day clinic in October 2016
The Community has grown out of the CP Action Day clinic in October 2016

We are pleased to announce that Multikids Foundation has launched the Community Clinic. It was in full swing on Wednesday the 1st of Feburary. It is going to be open every Wednesday from 8am -1pm . Our Schools Physiotherapist Juliet is volunteering her time and services to provide physio sessions for children with Cerebrel Palsy. Our first Patients have been children whos mothers are part of the Special Mothers Project. However, this service is open to everyone.


This service has been subsidised greatly and sessions cost 20 cedis each for group sessions (maximum of 3) and 50 cedis for one to one sessions.  Families needing more financial aid will be assessed on an individual basis. All funds donated back to Multikids Foundation.


Please share and spread the word to any families this service may be useful to. 



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EMBRACE- Christmas end of term show

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Feeding Programme at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital children's ward

Since November 2016 the Multikids Foundation has been taking cooked food to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital children's ward. We are currently able to provide one meal a day from Monday to Friday. Our resident volunteer chef Fatima works hard to prepare healthy nutritious meals for the Children at the hospital. We hope with more support and funding we will be able to sustain this programme and provide even more meals.

We recognise how important it is for well being of these children to eat well.

"I believe i am providing very nutritious food for the kids, but I wish to be able to provide more meals, especially breakfast"- Fatima


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End of term show raises 1000 cedis for Multikids Foundation

The end of term show , Embrace, at Multikids Inclusive Academy raised a staggering 1000 cedis for the Multikids Foundation, through ticket sales and cake sales. Fatima, our extremely talented executive chef at Multikids made scrumptious cupcakes which were sold to parents, students and staff. 

All the proceeds of the night went to the Multikids foundation feeding programme at the Accra Psychiatric hospital and Kofi Moses's hospital appointment.


A huge thank you for everyone who came to see the show and support the foundation ! 


Action! Children with Cerebral Palsy are left behind! There is absolutely no provision for these children in schools in Ghana.

World Cerebral Palsy Day
World Cerebral Palsy Day Celebrated at Multikids in conjuction with Parents of children with Cerebral Palsy

A child with cerebral palsy is a child with possibilities - ACTION DAY

During the week of World CP Day in October, Multikids reached out to parents across Ghana, of children with cerebral palsy. We hosted a training event run by the Multiple Disciplinary Team. Each therapist (Speech & Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy) set up a space and some 50 parents rotated around each session to gain the maximum input .It was an amazing event and Multikids Foundation which will run quarterly. Kwasi opened the event with an opening prayer and Sean proffered words of welcome, both students with cerebral palsy.


Mandy Budge and Daniel Vais get ready for Breakfast TV3 to promote Inclusive Education
Mandy Budge and Daniel Vais get ready for Breakfast TV3 to promote Inclusive Education

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